Mae Field, cowgirlGold Rush Girls - The Music

This is a musically rich era, covering a myriad of styles from blues and ragtime to anthem and ballad. Celebrating the spirit of the Klondike gold rush, the music captures the feeling of this fevered adventure with an original score.

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Song Synopsis - Act One:

1. Never Enough Gold - Sung by: Kanoontuk & Company. A native Tlingit Indian girl sings as men race on stage searching for gold. Women enter and the gold fields disappear as Eudora's dance hall "Paradise" is built. The gold rush party is in full swing.

2. When You're With Me - Eudora leads the women in a floor show.

3. Give Us The Vote - Eudora declares her passion for the Suffragette Movement.

4. Hold On Captain - The Company recreates the memory of Kanoontuk's fatal drowning and Captain's heroic effort to save her.

5. Sweet Understanding - Worried for the Captain's health, Eudora soothes her lover, begging him to rest.

6. Change My World - Determined to get the Captain medical attention, Eudora tells Ike of her plans to leave. They celebrate their past and future adventure.

7. Sit Right Down - Further undermining Eudora's business, Barker turns his seductive charms on Lily.

8. I Remember - Barker, obsessed with Eudora, longing to renew their bond, recalls their time together.

9. Another Time - Haunted by Kanoontuk's ghost, Rose struggles with her sanity. Further confused by her love for Schoolboy, a young man who is head over heels in love with her.

10. Standing On a Rock - Captain proclaims he's seen the next strike in a dream. The men listen with excitement because the gold in Dawson is running out.

11. Just A Little Blood - Barker, now in control of the whiskey and furiously jealous, demands Eudora's partnership.

Song Synopsis - Act Two:

12. A Ton Of Gold - Ike leads this burlesque romp, where the women appear scantily clad as Snow Queens and Angels. Thrilled, men rush the stage. In the ensuing mayhem, Barker further injures the Captain.

13. Invisible Soul - The ghost of the Tlingtit Indian girl mourns the loss of her own life as she hovers above the grieving Company as the Captain dies.

14. Ashes - Left alone in the bar, Rose accuses Barker of the Captain's death. Playing on Rose's insanity, Barker turns the dance hall into a raucous, ghoulish square dance.

15. Backed Into A Corner - Believing Barker is her salvation, Lily tears apart the dressing room, packing anything of value she can find and destroying everything in her path, including Eudora and Rose.

16. Ancient Chains - Returning to the bar through a blizzard, Ike rails against the injustice of Barker's power.

17. One More Kiss - Broken-hearted Eudora mourns the Captain.

18. Don't Be Afraid - Death, drink, and laudanum have left the Company fearful and isolated under Barker's control. Lily, Rose and Kanoontuk encourage one another. The men read letters from home.

19. Never Again - In a violent takeover, Barker now controls Eudora's "Paradise." Eudora enters to face him. In the ensuing fight she inflicts a mortal wound. Barker dies.

20. Finale - With Eudora back in control the Company once again are united. Suddenly a man races into the barroom with the announcement of: "Gold. There's gold in Nome." The Company hurriedly pack and the fevered rush is on. They're headed to Nome.